Two-Up Around the World on a KTM - Tim and Marisa Notier

Images: Tim and Marisa Notier

Tim and Marisa Notier were once high school sweethearts that went their separate ways when Marisa went to college and Tim stayed back in Chicago to work. After ten years apart, leading completely different lives, they got together again and decided to explore the world together 2-up on a KTM 1190 motorcycle. They’ve travelled through North and South America and are now heading to South Africa and then to Europe. And with each sometimes seeing travel and the world from a different perspective, they’ve learned from each other how to get the most from it.


Images: Tim and Marisa Notier


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Title: Africa
Title: A-glitch
Title: Afterburner
Title: Anvil smash
Title: Blacksmith
Title: Greasy Wheels
Artist: house

Title: Lazy Day
Artist: Jason Shaw

Title: Modulation of the Spirit
Title: Blackout and Blue
Artist: Little Glass Men