Rider Skills: Mastering Standing on Your Pegs - Clinton Smout

Image: Clinton Smout - Honda Trials

Image: Clinton Smout - Honda Trials

Standing on your foot pegs is a basic skill that, when mastered, will make you a more confident, comfortable and skilled rider. Unfortunately, our brain is hardwired for certain responses that make us feel safe even if they aren’t in our best interests. For example, when the going gets rough almost every new rider will sit down immediately and will only want to stand up again when the riding gets easier. The trick is to switch those automatic responses around so you automatically stand when the going gets rough. There are many advantages to standing on your pegs for slow speed maneuvering and most, if not all, instructors would tell you that standing on your pegs will dramatically improve your control over the motorcycle.

Clinton Smout - S.M.A.R.T Adventure Programs
For over 20 years, Clinton Smout has been instructing motorcycle riders, ATV riders and snowmobilers at Smart Adventures located at the Horseshoe Resort in Ontario, Canada.
Website: www.smartadventures.ca

Images: Clinton Smout - SMART Adventures

DISCLAIMER: This segment is not intended as a substitute for taking a rider training course. We recommend that you work with a professional trainer before trying any of the techniques discussed, or do so at your own risk. Canoe West Media, Adventure Rider Radio and Clinton Smout do not assume any responsibilities for injury and damages, including and not limited to, yourself, another person, motorcycle, etc.


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