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Trail Braking

Image: Clinton Smout

Image: Clinton Smout

Most rider courses will tell you that when you corner you scrub off all your speed before you enter the corner and then get off the brakes, because braking into the corner is something you don’t want to do. On this episode we talk to riding instructor, Clinton Smout about braking into the corner - trail braking - and we aren’t talking about going faster - we are talking about riding safer.

Clinton Smout - S.M.A.R.T Adventure Programs
For over 20 years, Clinton Smout has been instructing motorcycle riders, ATV riders and snowmobilers at Smart Adventures located at the Horseshoe Resort in Ontario, Canada.
Website: www.smartadventures.ca

DISCLAIMER: This segment is not intended as a substitute for taking a rider training course. We recommend that you work with a professional trainer before trying any of the techniques discussed, or do so at your own risk. Canoe West Media, Adventure Rider Radio and Clinton Smout do not assume any responsibilities for injury and damages, including and not limited to, yourself, another person, motorcycle, etc. 

Image: SPOT X - 2 Way Satellite Messenger

Image: SPOT X - 2 Way Satellite Messenger

Image: SPOT X

SPOT X - 2 Way Satellite Messenger

If  you ride anywhere that cell coverage is not reliable or maybe non-existent, and who doesn’t, then you’ll be interested in this little device that allows you to send and receive messages, and even get rescued should the need arise. The SPOT X 2-Way Satellite Messenger. We talk to Jim Mandala, Vice President and General Manager of Globalstar.

SPOT: www.findmespot.ca

Jim Mandala - SPOT

Jim Mandala - SPOT


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