Falling Off the Radar in the Middle East - Ben King

Images: Ben King

Images: Ben King

About two months ago, motorcyclist Ben King regaled us with tales of his motorcycle travels. When we last spoke to him he was resting what he thought might be a broken arm in Iran. Then, a few weeks ago, he disappeared off the social media radar. There was no word of him on Instagram or Facebook. And riders in the community were starting to wonder what happened to Ben. We received emails and messages, and saw many Facebook posts, all questioning Ben's safety and whereabouts. And then, two weeks ago, Ben appeared again with a Facebook post.

Images: Ben King

Images: Ben King

What happened to Ben? From Lahore in Pakistan, Ben tells us about what he calls "the CRAZIEST month of my entire life!!!". 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/benkingontheroad/

Images: Ben King


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