Going it Alone - Graham Field on Riding Solo

Image: Graham Field

Image: Graham Field

When it comes to motorcycle travel, some riders prefer to go it alone, some prefer group travel, or riding with a partner or friend. Probably most riders enjoy the company of other riders for a variety of reasons. But, there are many who travel solo by choice. 

Travelling alone has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Graham Field has done a lot of solo travel, as well as riding with buddies . He’s travelled extensively in the United States, having lived there for many years, and up in to Alaska. He’s ridden through Mexico, Iran, India, Europe, the UK and more. 

In this episode, Graham talks about his experience with solo travel, and the pros and cons of it. 

Graham Field is a regular co-host on our round table motorcycle talk show, RAW. He's also the author of motorcycle adventure travel books: In Search of Greener Grass, Ureka & Different Natures.

Website: https://grahamfield.co.uk


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