Change of Plan: Motorcycle Travel Requires Flexibility - Kevin Chow

Image: Kevin Chow - Hartman Rocks; Gunnison, CO

Image: Kevin Chow - Hartman Rocks; Gunnison, CO

Plan to be Flexible

Image: Kevin Chow

Image: Kevin Chow

Kevin Chow grew up knowing he was destined for adventure, so he saved for a round the world motorcycle trip for 12 years. Living in Vancouver, BC, Kevin worked in marketing for Harley Davidson for 9 years. When the time came to do the long planned for motorcycle trip, he sold his house and quit his job. Kevin left Vancouver in February, 2017 and headed south to warmer climates. His plan was to ride from Ushuaia, Argentina to Alaska. All went according to plan, until two months in to his trip he met someone in Palenque in southern Mexico. They were going in opposite directions, she was headed to Alaska, and he was headed to Argentina. Kevin said, “In some ways she’s made my life 100 times better, but in other ways it definitely threw a wrench in to everything.” So plans changed, and Kevin’s “so happy” with it. He’s now living in Australia, working and planning, being flexible of course, to continue his trip with Claire.


All Images: Kevin Chow


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