Cool, Comfort or Crash: How Effective is Your Motorcycle Jacket? | Where Do You Put Your Helmet?

When buying a motorcycle jacket - do you shop for style, comfort or crash protection? And what is crash protection really? Is there a certifying body that say the garment will save you? So many questions but we will get some answers on this episode, so that the next time you find yourself in front of the jacket rack, you have a clue what you really want. With David Hough.

Motorcycle author and journalist Dr. Gregory Frazier completed his sixth trip around the world not long ago. So where does a guy that travels this much hang his hat (read helmet)? And for that matter, where should you hang yours when you park your bike? Well, this may seem like a simple task, but Dr. Frazier has a few stories about riders that have learned through the school of hard knocks about what can happen to a misplaced helmet. We aren't talk about scratches. :)

Image: Dr. Gregory Frazier

Image: Dr. Gregory Frazier

Dr. Gregory Frazier

Dr. Gregory Frazier has done several motorcycle trips around the world, he’s been shot at, spent time in jail and has had some incredible wildlife encounters. He’s a journalist and photographer and his work has been published in many motorcycle publications. 


Image: David L. Hough

Image: David L. Hough

David L.Hough

80 year old David L. Hough has been riding motorcycles for more than 50 years. He and his wife, Diana, have travelled extensively by motorcycles in North & South America, central Europe, the UK, South Africa and New Zealand. While employed at The Boeing Company in Seattle for more than 36 years, he mostly commuted to work by motorcycle. Combining his travel and commuting experience, he became a highly skilled rider and continues to share his knowledge through various magazine publications and several books, including Proficient Motorcycling.

David is a certified motorcycle safety instructor and has taught motorcycle training courses. He's been an influence in the development of courses by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the Sidecar/Trike Education Program.

An award winning author, David L. Hough was inducted in to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2009 in recognition of his lifetime efforts towards motorcycle safety.

On this episode, David talks with Jim Martin about counter steering, a much difficult concept to explain and grasp. A necessary skill when it comes to riding, David enlightens us on how it's done.

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