Time is of the Essence: The Things That Really Matter

Image: Ginamarie and Russ Austin

Image: Ginamarie and Russ Austin

When Ginamarie Austin tired of looking at the back of her husband on a bike, she decided to get her own bike. Being of small stature, they settled on a TW200 and both Ginamarie and her husband Russ fell in love with these bikes and soon became part of a community of TW200 riders, going on short adventures. After a couple of years of health related family commitments, Ginamarie and Russ went on a trip on their TW200's, enjoying back road riding and adventure travel at a slower pace than the big bikes, a well deserved holiday. On returning from their trip, both Gina and Russ were ill, Gina recovered but when Russ didn't it was discovered that he had Stage IV lung cancer. Russ asked Ginamarie to fulfill their dreams of an extended motorcycle trip, something they had been planning to do on retirement. 

In a matter of weeks, Ginamarie lost Russ to cancer. She tells an inspiring story of her commitment to Russ, reminding us of the things that really matter. Her motorcycle adventure, which she planned for herself and to honour her husband's memory, turned out to be something altogether different than what she thought it would be.

Ginamarie Austin's Blog:  http://www.twowheelstwofeet.com

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