Has the Internet Made You Cluelessly Modify Your Motorcycle For The Worst? | Rider Skills with Bret Tkacs


Don’t modify anything on your bike until you consider this…

Industry expert Warren Milner is an adventure rider, writer and worked at Honda Canada for 30 years, working closely with product planning and R&D developing new models. In this week’s episode Jim and Warren Milner discuss how information on the internet may incorrectly encourage or influence your decisions when it comes to motorcycle modifications.  

Image: Bret Tkacs; PSSOR instructor

Image: Bret Tkacs; PSSOR instructor

Rider Skills with Bret Tkacs

Energy conservation:

Bret Tkacs just participated in the Butt Stomper 24 hr race and was brutally reminded of the value of energy conservation.

A bike in motion is better than picking one up:

  • Getting stuck
  • Picking them up
  • No motion induced balance
  • Better traction

Fatigue makes everything harder… rested means:

  • Clear decisions
  • More confidence
  • More deliberate riding
  • Less risk

It’s the details in training that can make a difference:

  • Poser skills training
  • Rolling dismounts
  • Standing when stopping (handlebar stops)
  • Reduced energy stops
  • Less movement means less energy burn
  • “drop it and walk”… training to avoid injury with style

Immersion training PSSOR
BDR training in July and Aug 2017

  • Learning to travel light to reduce fatigue while learning
  • Learning to read and ride terrain the requires less riding effort
  • Less stalling, less fear, and the comfort of professional staff

Rider skill practice:

The bar stop:

  • Learning timing
  • Mastering clutch/power delivery
  • Utilizing balance and neutralizing weight to stop and continue
  • Building confidence
  • Most important… conserving energy

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