Wind Powered Chain Oiler | Setting up Motorcycle Your Brake, Shifter and Foot Pegs

Custom Fitting Your Bike to Your Body: Part 2

Grant & Susan Johnson - Horizons Unlimited

Grant & Susan Johnson - Horizons Unlimited

This week on ARR we're in to Part 2 on custom fitting your bike to your body size with Grant Johnson from Horizons Unlimited. Grant's draws on his experience from being a motorcycle mechanic and dealer, as well as co-owner of Horizons Unlimited. In this series, he teaches our listeners about the three areas of your bike that can and need to change to fit your body. In Part 2, Grant discusses setting up the foot area of the bike, including the brake, shifter and foot pegs. 
Next week: Modifying your seat.

Grant Johnson - Horizons Unlimited

Aftermarket Foot Pegs 

Scott Wright, off-road racer and co-owner of IMS Products, talks to Jim about aftermarket foot pegs, how they design the foot pegs, what goes in to the manufacturing of high quality foot pegs and they make for a better ride.

Wind Powered Chain Oiler

Mike Steele - Motobriiz Chain Oiler

Mike Steele - Motobriiz Chain Oiler

A chain oiler that has no moving parts and needs no electrical power or connection to your motorcyle. It's an automatically chain oiler that is powered solely by wind. Jim talks to Mike Steele, inventor of the Motobriiz Chain Oiler about how it works and the benefits of it.

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