Water Bars, Broken Bones & Rescue | Spencer James Conway in South America


When an Afternoon Ride Turns in to a Rescue Mission


This is the story of a rescue made possible by a satellite communicator, an inReach device. We've used the inReach for some time now, but only have experience with it as a convenient method of staying in contact with family and for checking weather in remote locations. When we were putting together this episode, part of the plan was to talk to someone who had to use their inReach for the purpose of rescue. And while searching for someone with a story, we experienced a rescue mission of our own. 
Jim Martin, show host, and his friend Brent Henry, went for an afternoon adventure ride, on the logging roads and trails on our island. That ride turned out to involve a serious injury and the subsequent rescue mission.


About inReach: We talked at length about both the inReach and Spot on a previous episode, Calling From Help from Above

inReach Canada: www.inreachcanada.com
Delorme inReach: http://www.inreachdelorme.com/

Spencer James Conway - Circumnavigating South America

Spencer was the first solo rider to circumnavigate Africa, totally unsupported. He documented his trip using a video camera and at the time had no idea that it would be made in to a six part series called African Motorcycle Diaries where it first aired on the UK Travel Channel.
And now, Spencer is riding around South America, documenting his trip on video, which will once again be made in to a series on the Travel Channel. Jim caught up with him on his trip to see how things were playing out.

African Motorcycle Diaries DVD: https://www.dukevideo.com/prd1950/African-Motorcycle-Diaries-DVD
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spencer.j.conway
Website: http://www.spencer-conway.com/

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