8: Grant Johnson, Horizons Unlimited on Bike Set-up. Sam Manicom, Traveller, Motorcyclist, Author - Part 1


Grant Johnson & Sam Manicom


We begin with bike Ergonomics Set-up by Grant Johnson of Horizons Unlimited 
Getting your motorcycle to fit like a glove.

Grant Johnson has also travelled the world but is likely best know for being the founder of Horizons Unlimited with his wife Susan. Grant and Susan help organize and host HU meets all over the world and at some of those meets, along with all the other demonstrations and informational talks, Grant does his demo on setting your bike up perfectly for you.

On this show he runs through an audio version of his program to help you set up your bike to not only fit you, but to feel the best it ever has. 

I highly recommend this video series - very informative and inspirational.
— Jim Martin - Host ARR

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Sam Manicom

Traveller, Motorcyclist, Author, Writer, Speaker, Adventurer

Next we have Sam Manicom whom spent eight years traveling the globe on his R90GS BMW motorcycle. He suffered through breakdowns, jail, court, ailments, injuries and had the time of his life doing it.

Sam talks about his travels, retails us with incredible stories, talk about bike mods - what worked and what didn't and far more.

Sam Manicom is the author of four books on adventure motorcycle travel.

We also get a sneak listen to Sam's audio book Into Africa - read by Sam Manicom himself. 


Listen in to Part 2 of this show.