12: Lisa and Simon Thomas at 2 Ride the World - Part 2 | Motorcycle Bags


Simon Thomas & Lisa Thomas


2 Ride the World - Part  Two

Heres the second part of Simon and Lisa Thomas talking about adventure travel, 11 years on the road, broken bridges and a broken neck, best motorcycle tires for their trip, motorcycle choice, panniers and much more. After eleven years on the road Simon and Lisa have wealth of information on overland motorcycle travel for us. Don't miss this one.

Listen to Part One on Episode 6: http://www.adventureriderradio.com/adventure-rider-radio-episodes/2014/7/27/11-years-riding-adventure-motorcycles-around-the-world-lisa-simon-thomas

Giant Loop Motorcycle Bags

Harold Olaf Cecil - founder and owner of Giant Loop

Harold Olaf Cecil from Giant Loop tells us how two guys with an idea developed a successful motorcycle packing system that is now found around the world. Harold and ARR host Jim Martin talk about the merits of moto clubs and one reason we NEED to be involved with one.