44 ARR RAW: What Bugs You?

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ADVENTURE RIDER RADIO motorcycle podcast presenter, Jim Martin, brings together an eclectic group of passionate motorcyclists for round table discussions on motorcycle travel. Each month, from around the world, the ARR RAW panel meets to discuss an array of topics and to answer listener questions.

The RAW travel panel includes your host and producer RAW and Adventure Rider Radio, Jim Martin, and panelists, Grant Johnson (Horizons Unlimited), Sam Manicom (Into Africa), Graham Field ( In Search of Greener Grass), Brian Rix and Shirley Hardy-Rix (The Long Way to Vladivostok).

Brian Rix and Shirley Hardy-Rix

What Bugs You?

Ask google how many insect species there are in the world, and you’ll get answers from the upper hundreds of thousands to the millions++. I would take that to mean that insects are probably found in every part of the world. There are insects that fly and crawl. They’re microscopic to huge. They’re beautiful to downright ugly. They come in all the colors you can possibly think of. They can be mesmerizing to watch or can make you turn on your heels and run. They sit quietly on your finger, or go about their business. And sometimes they bite and carry disease.

Entomologists, scientists that study insects, and biologists suggest that only about 20% of the world’s insects have been identified. And all those millions of insect species also have more than just one of their kind. According to an article in National Geographic*, there are 1.4 billion insects for each person in the world. That’s a lot of bugs.

Graham Field

And while bugs do serve a lot of good purposes on the earth, such as feeding other insects, birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and humans, they can be a nuisance, causing illness and even death. And while we hope we only encounter the good insects, there’s always the possibility when traveling of coming across the ones we would be better off to avoid.

In this episode, the RAW travel panel discusses bugs and how they have dealt with them.

Considering Climate Change

In a time when Climate Change is becoming an ever hotter topic, pun intended, most recently with the Amazon rainforest fires and Hurricane Dorian causing mass devastation in the Bahamas, we can’t hide behind the curtain any longer and pretend that travel isn’t also a concern.

Sam Manicom

The RAW panel discusses motorcycle travel and if they feel that it’s responsible travel from an environmental viewpoint. Is motorcycle travel and possibly all travel at risk because of climate change? Are we the end of the line of a short run of privileged generations that have managed to travel the world and future generations, if they are still around, will not have that privilege? And should we be grabbing the opportunity to travel now - is it a window that is closing?

Just over 10 years ago, James Lovelock who is an independent scientist, environmentalist, and futurist (wikipedia **), said in an interview about climate change and the environment, “Enjoy life while you can. Because if you're lucky it's going to be 20 years before it hits the fan."***

RAW Listener Question:

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Hi guys, I am Marcos from Argentina, I started to listen to you because I like travels motorcycle [motorcycle travel] and it’s a good listening excercise (you are native english speakers from different countries). I would like to ask you if you know some Spanish riders like Miquel Silvestre or Charlie Sinewan and what is your language preparation before visiting any country not English speaker [language]?


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*** https://www.theguardian.com/theguardian/2008/mar/01/scienceofclimatechange.climatechange

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