23 ARR RAW: The Bare Minimum, Friends at the Get-Go & What’s That Smell?

ARR RAW Round Table Discussion with Travellers

Featuring Grant Johnson, Brian Rix, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Sam Manicom, Graham Field and Jim Martin. 

Basic Mechanical Knowledge For Motorcycle Travel: What is the absolute minimum mechanical knowledge you should have before undertaking an extended trip? And what things should you be checking regularly to prevent or foresee possible breakdowns?

Choosing a Travel Mate: How to figure out if you’re compatible? Do you do a short run/overnight first or? How do you handle it when on the road for a time, you decide it isn’t working and you want to go it alone? Especially if you’re in a far off place? 

ARR RAW Listeners Questions Answered:

James Gale:  How stinky is too stinky? I'm interested to know what the esteemed RAW panel smell like. (No, my curiosity is not born of a fetish. It's purely practical and social). When you're going on a long journey what do you do about clean clothes? How many changes of clothes are reasonable given the lack of a chest-of-drawers and limited cupboard space on a bike? Do you plan to stop in towns and use a laundromat or motel facility? Do you take some soap and wash your clothes in a river? Or do you keep riding until the police arrest you for excessive air pollution?

Noel Bowerman: What place did you find confronting? How did you come to terms with it?

Gary Turner: What do you do when you have free time on the trip? I.E. reading, sleep, laundry, drinking?

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Shirley Hardy Rix & Brian Rix
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