22 ARR RAW: Graham's Hair Recommendations, Locked Up & Other Useful Motorcycle Stuff

ARR RAW Listeners Questions Answered:

Scott McQueen: What are costs like on RTW trips? How do you not run out of money?

Mike Jacobson: Can Graham recommend some useful hair products for dry hair I can use in the coming Australian summer? ;) Serious question this time: charging technology on a motorcycle. Phones are relatively easy to charge on a bike if you've fitted a USB port - but laptops and some cameras' need different voltages than the 5V USB supplies or the 12V a cigarette style socket or simple connector powered from the bikes' system will give you . Do you invest in specialized chargers that will run on a 12V power supply or cross your fingers and hope to be able to plug into a 120V/240V mains power socket when the need arises? Also, how much equipment can you actually charge on your bike before you start stressing the bikes' electrics?

TJ Lyons: How do you lock up your motorcycle when traveling? Do you use a chain or heavy duty cable or nothing? I have heard all of you mention so many great tips, but I do not recall anyone every mentioning if they do anything to secure their bike at night.

Alex Druien: How do you get started in a quest around the world?

Paul Crowder: My question would be what's the best continent to tour in terms of ease versus experience for a traveller with time constraints?

Grant’s question to the listener:

"What keeps you from going on a trip? Also, what got you going?"

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