2 ARR RAW: Adventure Rider Radio RAW Show - Bribes, Bling and Medical Coverage for Travellers


ARR RAW Round Table Discussion with Travellers.

Grant Johnson, Sam Manicom, Graham Field, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Brian Rix and Jim Martin.

Episode 2 Topics:


  • The pros and cons of paying bribes, dangers and more.

  • Tips on how to deal with a demand for bribes and ways to wiggle through without emptying your wallet.

Bling, Expensive Bikes and Suits and Their Effects on Your Travel Experience

  • Does Bling or fancy expensive gear make people treat you differently when traveling.

  • Will your gear affect border crossings?

  • Do officials charge you more when they see a high priced bike and gear?

Who Needs Travellers Medical Coverage

  • What Medical coverage do you NEED if any.

  • Pitfalls to avoid when buying medical coverage and some questions you NEED to ask before you buy any MED insurance.

  • Can you trust foreign hospitals?

  • How to determine which hospital is higher quality.

  • Which type of hotel to check into if you are ill.

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