32 ARR RAW: Three Men and a Host Discuss Motorcycle Chronicles and Capacities

ARR RAW Round Table Discussions With Motorcycle Adventure Travellers - Featuring Grant Johnson, Brian Rix, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Sam Manicom, Graham Field and Jim Martin.

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Should you write a journal when travelling, why and how do you go about it? Personal journals, handwritten or on a computer and why? Some choose to document through facebook or other social media platforms… Lots of people write blogs… Or on forums… Discussions and suggestions from the panel on these options.

Listener’s Questions:

Name: Peter Barclay
I have done a few 2 Weeker Europe trips, mostly 2 up but am itching to do a longer trip, month or more but crucially I want to do some off road. I really worry about the weight and if I can manage it. I'm on a 1290 ktm. I can get the balls of my feet on the ground. Any advice on how to manage would help. Is the bike just too big for it?

Name: Teresa Kay
Question/s: Everyone knows that you should bring a proper tool kit while traveling. Has there ever been a time where you had to "MacGyver" a tool because you didn't have the proper tool or had to use your mad skills and wits to modify and adapt to a situation?

Name: Damien Murray
Question/s: When you're parked up overnight do you strip all your luggage off the bike e.g. crash bar bags with oil and spares or just throw a cover over the bike and leave it?



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