34 ARR RAW: Experienced Rider's Tire Choice - Handling Cultural and Political Differences While Travelling


ARR RAW Round Table Discussions With Motorcycle Adventure Travellers - Featuring Grant Johnson, Brian Rix, Shirley Hardy-Rix, Sam Manicom, Graham Field and Jim Martin.

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Listener’s Questions:

Name: Noel Bowerman
Question: As you travel, you will from time to time be offered accommodation in people's homes. How do you deal with ideas, attitudes, beliefs that are polar opposites to your own? Do you voice your strongly held opinions or do you just stay quiet? Or is there is a middle ground where you can broach the subject without offending your host?

Name: Quinton Jay  
Question: What tires are everyone running? Brands? 60/40, 40/20. Dirt, road, dual? Hard sidewalls for longevity or softer sidewalls for grip?

Name: Brian Grohs
Question/s: Do you check the balance of your tires as they wear? Do you balance them at all? If yes, beads or weights and why?

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Posted on November 23, 2018 .