17 ARR RAW: Camping Considerations & Motorcycle Maintenance on the Road

Jim Martin and the co-hosts on ARR RAW talk about what you need to consider when looking for a place to put your head down for the night, and how to handle doing maintenance on your bike when travelling.

Ideal Camping:

  • when choosing somewhere to camp overnight, what are the things you look for that make an ideal camp spot? 
  • camp away or near the road?
  • do you look for a site with water, or not worry about it?
  • do you plan ahead or wing it?
  • what time of day do you settle for the night?
  • what if you’re in an urban area, have you ever just found an out of the way spot or truck stop and set up for the night? 
  • unusual camping experiences

Moto Maintenance

  • best ways to get work done?
  • deciding on reputable shops?

Doing it yourself:

  • where to work?
  • what to do with old oil?
  • setting up your work area?
  • essential lubricants to travel with (to be carried)
  • on-tool items that must be carried (duct tape, zip ties - what else?) good for quick fixes


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