Shop our Online Store featuring parts diagrams for every BMW model. Ordering parts and accessories has never been easier. Choose your bike, look at the diagrams and place your order. We have over 45,000 parts in-stock and our Parts Express team processes and ships orders six days a week via UPS, FedEx and USPS. 

Posted on April 13, 2017 .

BestRest Products

Home of the CyclePump Tire Inflator, TireIron BeadBrakR, EZAir Tire Gauge, and other adventure motorcycle gear. When you’re on the road you’ll want a compact and reliable method of tire inflation.  The CyclePump runs off your bike’s electrical system and it’ll fill a flat tire in less than 3 minutes. It’s made in the USA and it comes with a 5-year warranty. BestRest also makes tire changing and tire repair kits that are small enough to fit in your saddlebag. The crew at BestRest are adventure riders themselves, so they know what you’ll need when you’re exploring the world. 

Posted on April 13, 2017 .

Green Chile Adventure Gear

Offering American made heavy-duty, innovative motorcycle luggage systems for all types of motorcycles. Tested in extreme weather conditions and terrain to withstand any abuse you can throw at it on your adventure rides. To complement riders’ needs they are also the exclusive USA distributor of Outback Motortek, a Canadian company specializing in adventure and touring motorcycle protective accessories. Outback Motortek offers ultimate and essential protection for your adventure bike. These accessories could be your best investment to save you from replacing your damaged bike with the ever-expensive factory parts. Available at

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IMS Products

For over 40 years, IMS has been developing and making innovative products such as extended-capacity fuel tanks, high-quality foot pegs, and more durable shift levers. Owned and operated by off-road racers and enthusiasts, IMS proudly introduces new Footpegs designed specifically for Adventure riders, the ADV1 and ADV2 series pegs. Also available are Rally Pegs and Core Enduro Pegs. Made in the USA, Scott Wright, owner of IMS stands behind his products.Visit their website at International shipping available.

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Motobriiz was founded in the USA by an avid motorcyclist and mechanical engineer, and is the manufacturer of a revolutionary wind powered automatic chain oiler for motorcycles. Eliminating frequent manual cleaning of the chain and messy spray-on lubes, the Motobriiz Automatic Chain Oiler is powered by the wind as you ride. No connections are required to your electrical or vacuum systems, and the oiler uses less than 1 ounce of oil for over 1000 miles.  For more information or to order go to their website at Shipping available world wide. 

Posted on April 13, 2017 .

Road Dog Publications

Road Dog Publications was founded in 2011 by Mike Fitterling, an avid motorcyclist and author. Based in the USA, Road Dog is the publisher of several inspiring adventure motorcycle travel books. Just released is the print version of In Search of Greener Grass by Graham Field, available for the first time in North America, and Northeast by Northwest: Two Restorative Journeys by Michael Fitterling. Check out Road Dog Publications website at to order these and other books. Books also available on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble and all major book sellers.

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MotoBird Adventures


Motobird Adventures is a motorcycle tour company for women by a woman, based in California. They offer a variety of tours from length, road type and accommodations, providing an opportunity for women to get out there, meet other women, have a great time and empower themselves. Check out MotoBird Adventure's tours at

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