Packing your Motorcycle

Learn how to pack your motorbike for Travel, Touring and Adventure

Here at MotoGeo we are always embarking on a new motorcycle adventure. After many adventures around the world, Jamie Robinson tells you the essentials that he takes with him when hitting the road. Moto + Adventure = MotoGeo #motogeo Music by: Audio Network

Your next adventure starts here: How to pack for two people camping on a motorcycle. By using various modular components from Giant Loop's adventure proof packing system - and high quality outdoor gear - motorcycle touring 2-up can be fun, safe, comfortable and self-sufficient.

Deeley Harley-Davidson presents: The Motorcycle Experience, a segment in the Motorcycle show, is celebrating its 25th year on TSN. In this episode, we'll take a look at best practices for gearing up and packing for a road trip.

Links Below. Tips and tricks for traveling on a motorcycle abroad. I recorded this clip in Argentina, It's not the greatest but a basic set of useful tips. Please note that I recorded this video in 2011, so electronic section is outdated but is still relevant.

This is how and what I pack for my motorcycle trips. My packing list.

Some Light Hearted Advice on Motorcycle Adventure Touring

An Idiots Guide to Adventure Motorcycling is a lighthearted look at the world of motorcycle adventure travel. It is not to be taken to seriously!