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Riding For All The Right Reasons: Ken & Carol Duval

In a time when social media and youtube is so prevalent, Ken and Carol Duval are not the norm when it comes to travelling around the world and reporting on their trip. They haven't written a book, they don't submit magazine articles, and they don't have a website. 

Lifelong Obsession with Motorcycles & North America Travel - Lance Gines

Lance Gines has been riding motorcycles for about 44 years. Growing up on a farm in Idaho in the United States, he got his first dirt bike when he was 6 years old. Lance taught himself to ride in the horse area where his dad would train horses. Their farm was on the edge of BLM land (public) and two miles from the Snake River Canyon. He gained experience riding in the desert and in the canyon, which led him to buy his first street bike at the age of 14.

Notes From the Road Vol. IV - Derek Mansfield & Motorcycle Chains

This book arrived, quite unexpectedly in our mail box a few months ago. We pondered the paper wrapping and wax seal and thought of what it might be. On opening, we discovered Derek Mansfield’s book, Notes From the Road Vol. IV. It’s a unique book about a journey across west, central and eastern Europe, describing the details and experiences in those places where Derek travelled, and not just the place itself.